Sri Audikesava Perumal Peyalvar Temple, Mylapore

Mylai is also known as "Mayurapuri", "Mayuranagari" in "Puranas". The glory of this divya Sesam is described in Garuda purana and Brimanda Puranas. this place is famous in all the three logas as "Mayuranagari Nama Visrutha Buvanathraye" . This temple is considered very ancient more than 5000 years old. it has lot of unique historical importance.

Mylai is one among 108 Vaishnavite Divya Desam. it was sung by Sri Andal, Sri Thirumazhisal Alwar and Thitumangai Alwar. In the past, learned scholars and historians always consider "Mylai" and "Thirivallikeni" as one Divya Desam.

It is the "Avathatasthalam" birth place of one of the Muthal Alwars Sri Peyalwar. He was born in a lilli flower in a well known as "Mani Kairaveni" situated at the garden of Sri Audikesava Perumal Temple.

In this holy Kshethram, Sri peyalwar as per the instructions of Sri kesava perumal gave Ubadesam and performed Pancha Samaskaram to Sri Thirumazhisai Alwar and elevated him as Bakthisarar.

Godess Mahalakshmi was born in this Kshethram in Lotus flower as "Briguputri", She was called Bhargavi and also Mayuravalli since born in Mayaurapuri, She has preached Ubadesavam to Sri Peyalwar.

Sri Peyalwar as per the instructions of Sri Mayuravalli Thayar workshipped Lord Kesava Perumal in this Kshethram and performed thulasi and flower kainkaryam to Sri Kesava Perumal.

Sri Rama while going back to Ayodhya after "Ravanavadham" from Srilanka in Pushpaga Vimanam, admired the beauty of this "Mayurapuri" stayed here for sometime and returned to Ayodhya.

Sri Poigai Alwar and Sri Boothath Alwar visited this place and workshipped Sri kesava Perumal. All the three Muthal Alwars and Sri Thirumazhisai Alwar performed penance in this Mayurapuri Kshethram for a long time.

Acharya Pithamagar Sri nadhamunigal has visited this Mylai Kshethram and workshipped Lord kesava and Sri Peyalwar.

Sri Ramanujar's fathre Sri.Kesava Somayajulu has come to this Mayurapuri and performed "Puthra Kamesti" yagam and was blessed with a child "Ramanuja". Hence this Kshethran is considered tobe instrumental for the Avatharam of Sri Ramanujar.

Sri Ramanujar has visited this Mylai and workshipped Lord Kesava and Sri Peyalwar.

All the other Acharias and Mutt heads have visited this place and workshipped Lord Kesava and Sri Peyalwar.

Sacred Tamil Poet: Thiruvalluvar has lived near this temple and workshipped Lord "Aadhikesava Perumal" and started his first "Thirukural" in his name "Agaramudhala Ezhuthellam Adhi Baghavan Muthatrea Ulagu" .

This kshethram is considered to be in existence from "Dwapara Uga" and this temple is said to have been constructed by Suryakula King Sumanagan and later renovated during pallava period.

Special Poojas

  • Sri Mayuravalli Thayar is showing blessings to one and all by doing miracles, by curing uncurable diseses, for child birth, marriage, for prosperity in business and wealth. for the benefit of Bakthas a special " Sri Suktha Vilvarchanai" is performed on every friday evening at 7.30 p.m. Sri Suktha Homam is being performed on every friday morning at 10.30 a.m. Many are participating in the special pooja and are benefiting.
  • Sudharsana Homan performed on every sunday at 10 a.m.

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